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Planned Litters

Van Kampftrieb D-Litter


Jary Berghorst                                                               Beppie Van Kampftrieb

Beppie has been confirmed pregnant to Jary Berghorst, and is due to whelp around September 2013.

This is a really exciting litter which will appeal to those who appreciate the top level KNPV bloodlines. This is a litter which is only suitable to those who know what these dogs are all about. We expect very strong and well built offspring with strong nerves, high drive and high thresholds to discomfort.



Previous Litters

A - Litter : Tommy Luijken x Kim Van Der Heijden

B - Litter : Boy Van Kamphuis x Kim Van Der Heijden

C - Litter : Rico Vergossen x Beppie Van Kampftrieb

For us, the qualities we strive for are :

  • Extreme Drives (Fight, Prey and Hunt)
  • High Thresholds
  • Strong Nerves
  • Full and Hard Grips
  • Handler Hardness
  • High Confidence
  • High Levels of Dominance
  • A-Social Type Behaviours
  • Good Bone and Substance
  • Excellent Hips and Elbows