Kampftrieb Kennels Australia

- Police and Military Dogs

- High Level Competition Sport Dogs

- Personal and Family Protection

- Security Dogs



B - Litter

Boy Van Kamphuis x Kim Van Der Heijden

Branco Van Kampftrieb (M) - Security dog

Bonnie Van Kampftrieb (F) - Military working dog

Brandy Van Kampftrieb (F) - Security dog

Beppie Van Kampftrieb (F) - Breeding female

Bimmy Van Kampftrieb (F) - Security dog

For us, the qualities we strive for are :

  • Extreme Drives (Fight, Prey and Hunt)
  • High Thresholds
  • Strong Nerves
  • Full and Hard Grips
  • Handler Hardness
  • High Confidence
  • High Levels of Dominance
  • A-Social Type Behaviours
  • Good Bone and Substance
  • Excellent Hips and Elbows